AMMI For United States Representative District 8

In 1994, I attended Central Junior High School in Melbourne, Florida. I had a voracious appetite for reading, an ambitious talent for acquiring the English language, and I enjoyed learning about the culture and the history of the United States of America.

A few years later, my language skill improved with practice, and I assimilated into the culture. I was able to embrace and celebrate American holidays and traditions, in spite of the fact that they were different from Moroccan holidays. In 1999, I obtained my high school diploma and, in the fall of that year, I began my studies at Brevard Community College (BCC), which is currently known as Eastern Florida State College, for my Associate Degree. At the same time, I was working full time at HealthSouth as a Patient Account Representative.

I was able to assist many patients with billing issues and debt collection. I prepared billing statements, reviewed and evaluated explanations of benefits, responded to attorneys’ requests, handled insurance claims, and managed inbound and outbound calls by applying companies’ protocols and government policies. In addition, I volunteered at Riviera Elementary School as a language interpreter from English to Arabic to those students needing comprehension in their subject matter.                                           

In addition, I served as the school liaison between teachers and parents speaking Arabic. At Rivera, I also worked with the International Club in which I helped organize a dinner event to celebrate diversity. In 2001, I was naturalized and became a United States citizen. It was an honor to take the oath to defend the Constitution. It means a great deal to me that I have the right to vote. What is more meaningful to me is that I am able to hold government jobs that require citizenship.

In 2004, I graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree from BCC. During the fall of the 2004 school break, I spent two weeks in Dusseldorf, Germany visiting a friend. When I returned to the USA, I continued my studies, knowing that one day I would return to Germany. I was fascinated by the culture, friendliness of the people, and the language. I visited Dusseldorf several times between 2004 and 2007 and finally made the decision to relocate to Germany to study German. While I was living there,

I worked at an Italian Restaurant called Ponte Veechio as a server, which provided me the opportunity to practice my German language skills and the chance to interact with different people with multicultural backgrounds. I enjoyed working at Ponte Veechio, especially when my boss requested I serve English speaking customers due to my fluency in English. After completing level one and two German for beginners, at the University of Heinrich-Heine-Allee,

I moved back to the United States of America in 2008 and began working at JPMChase Bank. I enjoyed working as a Loss Mitigation Specialist helping citizens retain their homes during the recession, which took place in 2008 through 2013. While working there, I dealt with many customers with different nationalities. This position provided me the opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as intrapersonal skills.

These skills were attained by following company policies and procedures and ensured that all regulatory and governing requirements were met. I evaluated the performance of new loan software to ensure that they were efficient in order to increase productivity. Moreover, I was keen on documenting, measuring, and improving processes in the Call Center to increase quality and efficiency. Since I loved working and helping other people, in 2013 I decided to go back to school and obtain my Bachelors Degree of Organizational Management in Business, which I accomplished in 2016.

It is my dream to join the foreign career service because I have the traits required for the job such as diplomacy, integrity, loyalty, and honesty. These traits resulted by having a great work ethic, experience, and working with different groups of people.


I am motivated towards this line of work because my father was a former employee of the Department of State. It would be an honor to serve the United States as he did. In addition, I am always motivated by traveling and meeting new people. My studies have sharpened my leadership skills, and I am often described as charismatic.

My fluency in Arabic and academic achievements would make me a great asset if I were to be part of the Department of State in the Foreign Service. In short, due to my life experiences, I believe I have the potential to fulfill the requirements for this role. I look forward to joining the career foreign services and working for the Department of State.

But for now, I believe my beloved, adopted country needs all its citizens to stop and reflect on these dangerous times which threaten not only the preservation of our beautiful planet, but also the preservation of who we are as a nation. We are unique in that the United States was founded on an “idea;” an idea that is inscribed on the Great Seal of the United States: E Pluribus Unum, “out of many one.” We are a nation of immigrants and every citizen has an immigrant story that weaves a beautiful tapestry unique in all the world.

I believe that it is time for me to step up and help lead the United States back to what the founding fathers established as our national identity: a country of immigrants, with each citizen contributing a unique thread to the tapestry of Liberty, which is the United States of America. It is an honor for me and for my family to be a candidate for the office of the United States House of Representatives, District 8.

Take part in the building of a brighter future