Farmers and harvesters within the seafood industry face unprecedented bankruptcies.  Americans rely on our farms and fisheries to maintain a healthy, robust food supply.

I support research and public funding for cutting-edge indoor agriculture, as well as the infrastructure to house it.  Hydroponics, vertical farms, aeroponics, and rooftop gardening should complement the classic farming methods we already use outdoors to provide additional food sources for Americans.  Along with more sustainable forms of traditional field agriculture, this will maximize free-market competition amongst the food production/delivery sectors.

A more diverse array of American-grown crops allows for better local sourcing.  New ways of regional farming will give consumers closer proximity to our consumption, cutting down on fuel costs and offering cities and towns a more personal connection to the food we buy.  Growing fruits and vegetables in colder climates (indoors) will make our economy less dependent on the whims of other countries.

Investing in U.S. sectors that spread greater access to more nutritious foods should:

— create millions of new jobs in science and infrastructure

— broaden the fields of emphasis within our education systems

— facilitate international cooperation for better R&D

— bring down health care costs through preventative care

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