Farmers and harvesters within the seafood industry face unprecedented bankruptcies.  Americans rely on our farms and fisheries to maintain a healthy, robust food supply. I support…

I will also support our local governments to enhancing our public transportation by having more buses and creating more bus routes to make transportation more convenient

Health Care as a Human Right – Medicare For All

Create a $20 billion grant program within the Minority Business Development Agency to provide grants to entrepreneurs of color who continue to face discrimination in access to capital.

To ensure that every student gets the attention he or she deserves, I will support classroom reduction, so that teachers are able to manage classrooms easily and provide quality education.

Nominating an attorney general, HHS secretary, and administrator for the DEA who will all work to aggressively end the drug war and legalize marijuana

This minimum wage increase will allow our citizens to live the life of dignity guaranteed by the beacon of hope.